Aviara Glamping resort and more business with us…

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What is Glamping?


Glamping is Glamorous + Camping.

Meaning is luxury camping place…

No need prepare any camp equipment for your camping.

Just walk in our resort.

You can feel very  luxury & romantic camping life …

Glamping Grocery shop 24/7

We sell all kind of drinks, Cooked Rice, Fish and Vegetable, Meats, Cup noodle, Dining sources and more…Very affordable prices.

Activities (Option)

Hoping tour, Scuba diving, Jet sky, AV tracking,  Fall tour  


Glamping Membership program

Company Member Private Member
$1,000/year $200/year
15 Night free use of Family room 5 Night free use of Couple room
10% Discount Food & Drinks 10% Discount Food & Drinks
Except Holy week Except Holy week

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